MEET M A N A H O – delicate Japanese Girl

MEET M A N A H O – delicate Japanese Girl

I have always been fascinated by Japan and its millennial culture. Even in my artistic life in photography I have always dreamed of photographing a Japanese woman. Finally I was lucky enough to meet Manaho; This girl lives with delicate perceptions. I love see in her eyes and smile the ancient poetry for the Japan…

When we met we talked about our cultures, our feelings and our experiences . It was important to come to the decision to do a photo shooting dedicated to Japanese culture. We thought of joining what is modern and ancient, expressing this concept with one clothes : the kimono.



I asked to Manaho…

How did you feel during the shooting?what emotions did you feel?

Manaho  : “To work with Alessio Veronesi is always been a heart-full experience. Sensitive, and soft.”



Model : Manaho Shimokawa

Mua : Shlomit Migay

Model Agency : Body and Soul Model Agency 

Location : Setagaya Garden – Vienna



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