Angi : Meet me at Danube…

Angi : Meet me at Danube…

Few months ago I was in front of Danube in Vienna and I felt another new light in my soul.. I saw a delicate and happy woman play on the river…and in mean time felt her emotions.. I meet Angi in april and we talk about my new dream..she was emotionate and very happy to work with me for this project… We find a beautiful place at Alt Donau(Danube) and made a great and emotion photoshooting.. Smiling..thinking..playing..and Angi opened her soul..we have created wonderful and real pictures..

When I met Angi I asked her..

1: What emotions have contributed to making the shooting good?

Angi: its always good to be openminded and not to have too much expectations about the shooting. Being in the Moment to feel and express the different emotions is decisive.

 2: Vienna and the Danube are ancient places that inspire your art?
Angi:I like old places, places who have history are always inspiring.

Model : Angi

Model Agency : Body and Soul Model Agency 

Location : Danube – Vienna

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