EVA – When a beautiful city meets a beautiful woman

EVA – When a beautiful city meets a beautiful woman

Often my new photographic idea comes from a dream .. A dream where the person I saw is always unique .. This time she was a woman and she had long, curly red hair .. In my dream she was walking around the streets of a Magic and ancient city.. She Laughed, jumped, and sometimes listened with a thought away from the soul. There was magic, passion, delicacy and romance in these images.

Then at my wake-up I immediately thought of Vienna, the city of art, ancient stories and magic places. Now I had to find a person who would make real the beautiful woman of that dream. I didn’t have to think for too long as I immediately imagined Eva..

Yes, she was perfect to make that new photographic project real. Delicate, naturally beautiful. We did this shooting with fun and always listening to our souls

… in that mood photographs have become real my beautiful dream.

Interview to Eva

1. Wien is an ancient city full of fascinating places..which setting did you like the most during the shooting?

2. which one creates a sense of harmony with the city and the mood of the shooting?

Eva : I liked the most, the hidden stairs with some nice iron decoration on the windows and door of the building positioned under the stair. This location is not too far from the main shopping street, the Mariahilfer strasse, but at the same time its quiet, and secretly hidden, thats why very few person passed by during the shooting. It felt like our own private location in the middle of the city.




 Special thanks to BODY and SOUL Model Agency Vienna

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